Wow, Future Me. What Happened?

Filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald, now the proud populator of Tell Me to Draw Something, produced a wee video dedicated to his future self twenty years ago. Here, he reviews it and talks to the boy he was at 12.

Despite the trappings of irony that we all now need to take any kind of poignant pill, it hits the “what happened to me, to my dreams cast asunder?” button hard. I’m fairly sure I had a letter to Future Me written someplace but it can’t be much more substantive than this. And I wouldn’t want to see my too-oft-drawn PyNk BuNnIe character again, actually. 

With all this said, and considering Jeremiah’s current choice of pastime, it does beg asking: what aspects of your surely dynamic childhood creativity have you forsaken in favour of nourishing the talents that now serve your career? There may be gems in there waiting for exercise and a reigniting of passion. In businesses like advertising and design, this sort of Memory Lane slumming can only serve you.

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