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Happy 50th to the Doctor and his TARDIS.

Here’s a collection of my artwork that I felt would be appropriate for The Day of the Doctor! The paintings starting from the top are All of Time and Space, The Roar of Our Stars, The Turn of the Universe, The Parting of the Ways, and The Lonely God. (The bottom four are licensed through Big Chief Studios / BBC!)

Thank you to everyone who has supported my art throughout the years! I really appreciate it and couldn’t have gotten this series done without ya’ll.


Space animals by rubbishmonkey



Tao Tajima’s lights and shapes combine in a visually stunning nighttime display across the streets of Tokyo.


Neat. (via Gizmodo)

When viewed up close - these works of art by Shintaro Ohata appear to be part of the same piece. Instead, the stylized sculptures are seamlessly “lit” by the painting behind. Beautiful. Check out more at

The inspiring work of Rory Phillips /


Impressive Graffiti Walls


The Mixtape, Audio Video Mashup Performed on a Reel to Reel Machine

Joss Whedon Stars In Felicia Day’s Geek And Sundry Series Written By A Kid

Ever since Felicia Day previewed her show line up for Geek & Sundry, a Youtube channel catering to us geeks, we’re been pretty excited for the premier of Written by a Kid — the show promised us “children reading stories set to short films by various directors,” so what could you possibly not love about that? As it turns out, there is nothing you could possibly dislike about this series, and if you find something, the demi-god Joss Whedon will smite you, because he stars in the very first episode. This week’s program features 5-year-old Brett narrating the epic tale Scary Smash. The episode also features Kate Micucci and David Foley. Just try not to get too overwhelmed by possibly the cutest child ever and our nerd-leader occupying the same 4-minute video.

(via themarysue)


Mom’s Tattoos Balsa Wood Letterpress Business Cards 

printed on 3/32” balsa wood

- art direction and layout by Print&Grain

- original artwork created by Neil Powers 

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