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I love flying. Partially because I’m headed somewhere new - but mostly because of airline safety pamphlets. This website captures the reason why perfectly.

Now somebody just needs to do this for skymall photos!

(via thecitrusreport)

Axe Cop - the illustrated adventures of a 5 year old’s imagination. Love it.

General Mills introduces a new era to the cereal aisle wars.

(via brandflakes)

Create your own colourful waves… What a calming online experience. Try for yourself


Happy Holidays by Mike Mitchell

Damn this is a great agency promo. Wish I thought of this!!

Lean mean @fightingmachine in 2054: Do you remember flash? Great video guys!


Destroyed Apple products. A collaboration between Michael Tompert and the photographer Paul Fairchild with this homage particular to the Apple mark. A destruction of the products such as the iPad, the iPhone and Macbook, presented destroyed or crushed in the form of 12 photographs in large size. (via fubiz)

Gold star goes to the makers of this commercial.

I present: The Wall Tentacle.

It doesn’t matter who you get this for - it would be an epic christmas present.

(via lostateminor)

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