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Build-A-Zombie Papercraft 2011 Calendar - I heart zombies.

iPhone brings Axa Insurance’s newest print ad to life. Brilliant!

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3,216,000 hours

Still think crowdsourcing isn’t exploitative? I didn’t really have an opinion on it until I read this article. (via underconsideration)

Check out this campaign for ADT that uses a box that pops open when pushed under a door. The idea is to freak out the apartment owner who finds it waiting for them when they come home - proving to them just how vulnerable their property is without proper protection from ADT.

People are slamming this campaign pretty hard… but you gotta admit that’s pretty creative.

(via gizmodo)

A light painting & stop motion combo set to the soundtrack for the Tron preview - I can’t wait for this movie to come out!!

(Kim Pimmel via trendsnow)

A visually stunning commercial by Canon

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Turn any web page into a game of asteroids!

(via brandflakes)

Absolutely love this dude’s style - check out his work over at or view some of his amazing animations here.

Always had a thing for those bomber pin up girls of the 40’s and 50’s - really digging this packaging for Mindy’s HotChocolate by Kyle Tezak!

(lostateminor via theurbangrocer)

Greg Peltz gets a gold star for the day. Check out these ridiculously awesome Team Fortress Halloween costumes .

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